Kay Penniall

PLD Consultant - Team Leader

Kay is an experienced educator who is skilled at listening to the needs of leaders and teachers and co-constructing professional learning plans to help them reach their goals. Prior to joining Evaluation Associates | Te Huinga Kākākura Mātauranga, she facilitated the Leadership and Assessment contract with Team Solutions. She has held the role of Deputy Principal in primary and intermediate schools with responsibility for leading curriculum, assessment and professional learning.

Her previous facilitation roles include Assess to Learn (AtoL), Leadership and Management and mathematics. Kay has presented numerous workshops across a range of curriculum and leadership topics with her most recent focussing on New Zealand Curriculum National Standards and Kāhui Ako.

Kay can work alongside middle and senior leaders to develop observation and coaching skills. Her strengths include a deep understanding of the New Zealand Curriculum, assessment for learning, inquiry processes, evaluative capabilities, change management and a collaborative approach. She is passionate about ensuring that every student achieves and experiences accelerated progress.

Professional learning and development specialist expertise:

  • assessment for learning

  • supporting leaders with change management

  • building leadership teams through coaching

  • inquiry

  • literacy across the curriculum

  • national standards

  • collaborative expertise and building relational trust

  • data analysis and evidence based decision-making.

  • ensuring sustainability by supporting leaders to develop in-school capacity

  • practice analysis conversations

  • culturally responsive pedagogies

  • collecting student voice.