Aotearoa NZ Histories online course: Historical Empathy

Wondering how to teach Aotearoa New Zealand histories? Interested in engaging your ākonga with critical thinking skills?

This series of courses are based on the ‘Do’ strand of the Aotearoa New Zealand histories curriculum. Historical empathy is the first of four individual courses planned to enable you to teach your ākonga the skills that underpin the study of history. The other courses will further develop the critical thinking skills necessary for effective engagement with our histories. They are: 

  • Identifying and exploring historical relationships 

  • Identifying sources and perspectives 

  • Interpreting past experiences, decisions, and actions and 

  • Exploring historical inquiry.  

Their release dates are to be confirmed and you can choose to take just one course, a selection of courses or the whole suite of courses.  

Historical empathy course

This course focuses on the habit of mind: historical empathy.

It will empower you to develop your understanding and knowledge of this concept by focusing on practical strategies which you can then transfer to your classroom for use with your ākonga.

When you focus on historical empathy, your students will connect with past events through facts and feelings. Historical empathy is a key skill for thinking like a historian and is a common thread that runs through the other aspects of the ‘Do’ strand of the histories curriculum. 

What to expect

  • Highly-practical learning you can apply in your classrooms

  • Support from our Aotearoa NZ histories lead facilitators

  • A mix of self-paced and facilitated learning.

Who is this course for

  • Primary and intermediate teachers who want to teach Aotearoa New Zealand histories effectively. 

  • Teachers of Social Sciences in Years 7-10.


Each course costs $150 + GST per person.

Enrol in all four courses for $525 + GST per person.

7 June - Historical Empathy

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