Designing hybrid and distance learning

We work with you to evaluate and design hybrid and distance learning.

Why focus on designing hybrid and distance learning

Recent events have shown that schools need to be ready to maximise learning from a distance.  Leaders, teachers and school systems need to be ready to make the shift to hybrid and distance learning fluidly – sometimes with little warning.

We will support schools to be both people and systems ready for distance learning. By focusing on curriculum design that embeds quality practices, you can make a more seamless shift from classroom to learning from home.

How we work with you

We begin our approach by establishing the need and level of readiness for hybrid and distance learning. Then, we co-designing a learning solution. Next, we use a blend of both face-to-face and online support to respond to your particular needs.

If you are looking to evaluate your hybrid and distance learning approaches, we can help you figure out what works and what might be improved. We can gather a range of perspectives from your ākonga, teachers, leaders, and parents and whānau. Using their views, we evaluate how effective your programme is and make recommendations for improvement.

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